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How to Forgive a Person Who Hurts You ?

Ultimate Guide To  Forgive A Person, Who Hurts You


“Spending time on trivial stuffs drives one towards causing a troublesome situation in future life”

Every human is blessed with unwilling gift i.e. committing mistakes and hence rectifying those. We must feel, proud of this life where the almighty has given us an extra chance to survive.

Our parents always tell us, “Learn to face the bitter truth of life then only you can be a successful human being”. And yes it’s a truth that whatever they have told is absolutely correct. Not going much in details, let’s know there are how many number of mistakes.

Causes Of Mistakes:

  • Leg Pulling – One of the dangerous problem a person faces is leg pulling. Whatever may be the basis people do this activity just to feel satisfied that one is not moving ahead to them in the track. That’s why he /she starts doing this to his or her respective competitors. Let’s take the example of a corporate sector. Most of the employees have an intention to grow high but simultaneously complete the boss assigned job to get a signatory and prominent image among all others. Similarly, a Neighbour of ours always has an intension to speak about her husband & family members with a higher dignity and achievements but reality shows us a different mirror.


  • Ego Clash – This being the other factor also brings a huge demerit in life. Like the previous factor, this is also a leading reason of committing mistake in our day to day life. In this people forget the background from which they are originated & associated. At times, they rather force themselves to attempt a crime due to ego clash and some overruled situations, instead of trying to forgive the person at that current scenario try indulge themselves in situation according to his or her will and way of thinking. For example as we all know some of our politicians fraternity always try to satisfy their ego and go beyond their restricted bars and commit mistake.

Wasting Time – Philosophers say, “A student can better explain the twinge of wasting one academic year of his life”. Likewise, one commits mistake in deciding which work to do first. We have such a beautiful life to achieve all that we want, so why to waste and ruin the charm of enjoying it. Multitasking is a good job but working perfectly on it shall make us free of mistakes.

For Example:

  • Day dreamers keep visualizing works one after the other in their dreamland. Meanwhile they waste their valuable time and regret later.
  • Sometimes our friends and colleagues turn out our rivals because of the negativity they impose by helping us waste our work time.
  • Often discussing about stupid topics and complaining about it is also a waste of time which exposes our brain to an evil sight.
  • Losing the view of a big picture – It’s always easy to lose ourselves in the huge populated hustle-bustle world. Despite this one must view itself in a successful platform, keeping aside the faults. The basic need and estimating the goals of life can help build up the backbone as well as periphery of a person.

How to Forgive a Person Who Hurts You

Exercising the Faults by Gut :

Everyone has been blessed with a third eye (i.e.) the gut feeling. Once we start sensing the smell of this gut we shall never further repeat the mistakes. Once an error occurs it can be forgiven but making it a habit to continuously do the same thing might lead to a disastrous atmosphere in and around us.

Achievers very often appoint to the right operator which drives them to more towards successful steps rather than fall-outs.

Flaws Happening in Life Struggle and It’s Alternatives :

  • Being too much concerned about self, might lead to troublesome situations. Hence it’s advisable to talk less and work more. Often there’s a saying “Even the lemon tastes bitter when squeezed more”. As per scientists, our word count is limited to 10000 words, so why waste our time talking much and making errors.
  • Defending to do a task is another significant mark where many fall outs occur. In fact the more we raise a helping hand, the more haters we develop in our daily life and it’s always tough on our part to change their mind. They have an attitude of saying ‘NO’ to all your approaches. Despite turning to dusky world it’s always better to have a clean baby mind where no one hates you nor do they trouble you.

Mercy Counts:

“Forgiveness is a blessing, Revenge is a curse”

In this diplomatic world, no one is born perfect. To make a right move one shall definitely make mistake (some negligible, some more, and some very significant) but that never means the end to an achievement. Instead that turns the first step towards the right track. So it’s best to accept the mistake, make a brave move and thus admire the challenge stepping towards you.

Different means to forgive:
  • Learning to forgive and forget what happened is the best way to make new start.
  • Forgiveness helps us heal the pain of being hurt due to some or the other cause.
  • It’s better not to bother to the resentment which spreads all your heart rather concentrate on those positive vibes which bring peace into your life.
Forgiveness Leads to Spoiling ?

We can justify this statement by saying one must forgive a person by analysing the fault and number of times he / she made. Irrespective of analysing those mistakes, it also can give the person a second chance. But if that particular wrong is being repeated then that might lead to a disaster someday. Again it also can ruin the daily life of a person.

  • Our 6th sense speaks much about whom to accept, whom reject and whom forgive. Not always we can hide ones faults. So it’s good to judge a person before forgiving.
  • It’s not easy to take sudden steps towards any fault at a single instance of time. So, there are certain measures which can be make so things work effectively.
o   Meditating on a daily basis will enrich this quality within Us :
  • Nature also gives a positive immersion in our life. Nature loving people have a different standard of controlling their emotions.
  • Creating positive vive by binding oneself towards creativity like Drawing, Colouring, Gardening, etc.