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How To Stop Comparing Yourself With Others?

How To Teach How To Stop Comparing Yourself With Others? Better Than Anyone Else

Comparison is really important for getting success in our life but it is fruitful when we just compare it yesterday with our today otherwise it will show the downfall road. Most people just do a comparison with the next one. You have no idea it’s just like a slow poison that will trap you in a wrong way. Why do you want to win others even if applying an injustice manner? Is it really helpful for you in the future? No, not really. But we are always comparing ourselves to be a better one. If you are also doing the same then you will never get success in your life.
 Comparison is just a waste of time. Why is this so? Because of the time we spend on comparing each other, at that time if we improve ourselves making better, then it will be fruitful for you. If you really want to do something great in your life then definitely avoid these kinds of time waster elements that kill your creativity and intelligence. One thing if you are analyzing other characters, about other’s success then definitely you will be counted as a fool. There is nothing a single profit in your life so why are you just eating your valuable time on useless things.

How to stop comparing yourself with others


Always try to be concentrated on your own work. Invest your all-time on yourself that will definitely give you the best return in life. Don’t do that kind of unnecessary thing which never helps you in the future. You will lack in your career because of the comparison with removing your goal from your life, you can’t concentrate on your aim. You will go far from your destination. One more poisonous thing that is simply called negative thoughts. Don’t allow your brain to give any space to negative thoughts because it can destroy your life unknowingly. If you are here to do something in your own life so why are you focusing on others? Focusing on others gives a result of lowering your concentration, whether you are doing a lot of hard work but you will never get any success.
Success and failure both are important in our life. To achieve our goal, we do a lot of hard work, at the same time in failure we learn a lot of things. If you are not trying again and again on a particular thing then you can not do anything. If you really want to do anything in your life or you want to achieve something big then definitely stop comparing yourself with others.

Thank you.

How to Reduce Recruitment Process with Easy Steps | Hiring Process

Best How To Reduce Recruitment Process With Easy Steps | Hiring Process Tips You Will Read This Year

The recruitment process is a very important and responsible work for every company. It’s a running process throughout the year. Due to the Covid19, it has been creating a very crucial situation for every employer who has taken this responsibility. So keeping this in mind, we want to share with all the employers that will definitely help them create an easy process in the recruiting process. So this is a very much important tip for every employer.

Process of recruitment :

Usually, the recruitment process goes on by advertising on the Internet, advertising on paper, advertising on social media, some of the companies also hire through consultancy. But all the processes have been failing due to pandemic situations so it requires another easiest way to make the recruitment process without any hassle. All of these include physical contact which may spread more pandemics. So we are here with a totally different recruitment process which will relax your work process. This is helpful for both employees and employers.
This process may not be as popular but it is very useful and easy for every company who is processing their recruitment. We have designed the recruitment system as modern technology. Normally, in traditional recruitment taking one to one physical interview is really exhausting so this process may be useful for you. But with the help of our method, you can eliminate 70% of your work and it can save your time a lot. You have to give a time effort to design the recruitment system.

How to Reduce Recruitment Process With Easy Steps | Hiring Process

System of recruitment:

You have to enlist all the required questions in a word file. You should design them in a form filling manner as a result it will be easy for the employee to fill their answers in an easy method. All types of basic questions about yourself, qualifications, experience, etc. Whatever additional questions you want to add you can as your choice. You have to invest some dedicated time to make the document in a perfect manner. When someone is approaching for a job you can forward them the document with instructions of form filling. It’s a really very easy process of recruitment. You can also decide in a short time by seeing their answer sheet whether the candidate is appropriate for your company or not. If you want to know more about it then you can contact us.
Contact No. :- 9040012199


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How to Boycott China / India on China Gone

The Time Is Running Out! Think About These 10 Ways To Change Your How To Boycott China / India On China Gone

Removing all the china products from our country and standing against the boycott china product is a great step taken by our government. If we all support this mission and contribute our single steps towards the taken step then definitely it will be beneficial for us, for our country, for our future also. It’s also a loving vibrant nature towards our country. It is the responsibility to own the mission from our hearts and give our best efforts to give a successful destination.
All the public of our country, all the manufacturer of our country, all the traders of our country, all the customers of our country, the government of our country, all the franchise of our country, all types of dealers, everybody of our country they may be employees or employers should step forward and support this to show our love towards our country.
Now we all are dependent on China for most of the basic requirements. Not only India but most of the countries dependent on China due to its highly top-notch technology. It’s not easy to put out all the products immediately otherwise it may create many problems and affect our daily life. But if we all promise to make it happen then it will happen.

How to boycott China India on China Gone

There are a Lot of mediums by which we are Dependent on China.

1.Daily use Product

We use a lot of daily use of products from China for our needs. This is the reality that China products are comparatively cheaper than our Indian products so most people prefer to buy high technology products of China for their daily use. This is not possible to stop using them right now but it is not impossible. If we are using China products now, it will be appreciated when in the future it needs to be replaced then definitely you should choose our Indian product. Indian products are really good and sustainable but it couldn’t affect the Indian customers because of the high price. Obviously, greater quality has a greater future. We all know that there is no guarantee or warranty on their product but we are mad at them.

2.Essential products

We use a huge number of essential products in China which helps the economy of China to grow. In this case, we should definitely replace these products with our Indian product that will grow our internal economy. Most of the cosmetic things are also China products. We don’t use Indian cosmetics because they are made up of herbal remedies due to this it also costs high. There is nothing much variation in the price still we have to support our own country.

3.Electronic items

This is the most important product in China we use. This is not possible to stop at a time but we should try to reduce the amount. It will take time but at a point, we will be able to remove every single stuff from China. It’ll affect a lot to the electronic stores but it is not a big deal regarding our country.

4.Mobile Application

Including mobile devices, we use a huge number of applications that are originated from China. About 59 applications are highly demanding applications that we are using in India. Some of them are Tik Tok, UC Browser, Xender, Aaplock, etc. Not only the government but we all are responsible for this so we should be aware of in future then definitely we will win in the boycott mission.
We are also in a step to give our contributions by making one platform all solutions in which you can get all types of services like a job, matrimonial, classified, astrology, etc. With your love and support, we can do better.

 Thank you.




Job Openings And Internship

A perception running in our mind that there is no scope in the IT sector in Odisha as it is an agricultural state but with the growing technology and internet facility, this statement has been proving wrong. In order for the IT profession a lot of people prefer to work outside of Odisha. So we are the leading IT Company of Odisha, Advanced A2Z Solutions Pvt Ltd has come with a lot of job opportunities for both fresher and experienced people who want to build their career in the IT sector.

Our company especially gives priorities to fresher students. This is the best opportunity for you if you are just passed out of college and looking for decent and dynamic career options in the IT sector which is the best profession in the future.

 Job Openings And Internship IMAGE

Our company is opening various types of internship programs that will help you find the right career options for you. We are not intended only for business purposes but giving a bright future with the most affordable prices as little as your pocket money. The internship areas are,

  •  PHP
  • JAVA

You can also get the benefit of live projects during your internship. If you appeared with good performances then you can be hired by us with good and satisfying packages so why are you waiting for? Just join our company to make your career colorful.

Now we are hiring experienced candidates for PHP, ANGULAR, JAVA, DOT NET, IONIC, ANDROID. If you are interested then you can contact us without any hesitation.

Contact no.- 9040012199

No registration fee or joining fee.


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How to Create your own Website and Mobile Applications?


How To Create Your Own Website And Mobile Applications? Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 10 Tips

The website is a web page that describes A2Z about your business, about your product, services, etc. Making a website is an easy task but making a well-designed website is not as easy as you are thinking. So we are here to give you a descriptive service related to website designing.


This is all about our personal experience, when we started our company, we would also want to make a website by others but that was not satisfied so it persuaded us to make our own company website by ourselves. We observed that to make a perfect and effective website, at first it should make an intent like a customer. First of all take a deep knowledge about the business, company product, services, etc that will help you to create a neat and clean pattern of your website. Secondly it is very important to gain product knowledge that will help a lot in making an appropriate website. Thirdly, take a pretty time to research the market, because the market analysis is another most important factor that affects your website.



After a lot of effort and hard work now we are here with amazing website designing services for you at very affordable prices all over India. We have a complete group of people for website designing through different categories like dot net, PHP, angular and WordPress, etc. You will get all types of websites related services by our company and hope you will never regret your decision.

Likewise mobile applications are also playing a great role in your business. These are the small icons of your phone screen but contain all information about your services. It has great proficiency because it is impossible to take our system to every place.

We are heading with a great mission to help you to expand your business through our decent technology so if you’re looking for such services you can contact us.

Contact No.- 9040012199

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How to rank your company by using SEO?

Do you know what the term SEO Represents?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization which is very popular in the digital industry. But maybe some have no idea about this term. Let’s go through deep into the word.

Normally we used many types of search engines like Google to know about some companies or products or services. Whatever results show on the top of the page that only could be possible by SEO. It requires technical work to do so but sometimes it works automatically by using the right keywords or any types of content related support.

how to rank seo website

We are coming with an outstanding strategy to provide you the most effective and affordable SEO related services that will definitely help to boost your company or your website. There are so many so-called agencies or companies who only promise to do best for you but never fulfill. We are totally different from them. We have a complete group of people specialized for working SEO related services that will satisfy both of you and your customers. Ranking your website is not an easy process but it is not easy as you are thinking like posting some related blogs or doing some little optimization never would give the expected results. It needs so many right strategies and a lot of hard work. Our team is always aware of the company for which we work.

So why should you choose us?

Because we will go through your business profile thoroughly in detail to introduce your core intention. It is not a short process that you did once, it is sustainable for a long time. No, this is your perception. SEO ranking is a continuous process combined with various types of work. So if you are enthusiastic about it then you can contact our team.

Contact No.-9040012199

Advanced A2Z Solutions Pvt Ltd.

How you can use Social Media for business to grow

Currently, social media is the highest growing platform that tremendously spreads out in the business hub. Though social media has been trying to develop algorithms to avoid over commercializing most of them are always loopholes . It is really important to understand the strength of social media platforms that will work for your business.

you will be able to boost up your business.

How you can use Social Media for business to grow

Social Media can be used to :


  1. Revenue more leads through organizing an ad campaign directed at lead generation. You can invest according to your capacity but this is real money worthy.
  2. Post ads for brand awareness because there is no better engagement of your targeted audience. The simplest and direct platform to keep in touch with related current clients/ customers and possibly catch potential clients/ customers.
  3. Increase your ROI because it is much affordable than the TV, Radio, or Newspaper to run ads and can absorb the maximum number of customers comparatively.
  4. Get your clear insights on KPI’s about your whole business and make an appropriate plan where you are going wrong for you to improve your strategy.
  5. Grow your business exponentially if done correctly. This is really an amazing platform that gives you the opportunity to take off business.
  6. Make sure to communicate with your clients directly without any hazard and get a review on these platforms from both satisfi and unsatisfy customers to immediately address queries.
  7. Start a shop on such platforms to get direct sales with amazing discount offers and prize announcements and get the potential clients to like your page or redirect to the website for more information.
  8. Understanding user psychology is the key to maintaining the edge on social media.

Overall Social media has served as many as benefits for a business especially when done correctly. The full potential of Social Media is now indicate towards a successful business.

The Ultimate Guide To Keep This In Mind Before Listing Your Job In Job Sites

Keep this in mind before listing your job in job sites

Job sites have a single motto to provide job seekers to get their appropriate job. So it is very important to be the job real, transparent, accessible, and honest.

Having a great responsibility for the employer to make hiring for the company it makes it so easy by this decent process.Both of them are getting benefits on these platforms that give amazing outcomes for the company.

Whenever an employer posts any job requirement then it comes to the eye of many job aspirants who want the job in real. Let’s go over some points that are actually essential before reaching notification to the job seeker.

Some Do’s and don’ts for employers to know before job listings,

Don’t use abusive content.

It’s strictly opposed to posting any type of abusive or offensive content. in the job sites as this is a social community.

Your content might be counted as spam, scam, or unauthorized content that is not acceptable by policy of the job sites. Therefore the visibility of your content will decrease.

Make Specifics job title 

Make sure your job designation or title is used as a particular description of the particular job.

it is list down on the business card, Don’t try to make it over-decorated.

Give detailed job descriptions that include the particulars a qualified candidate would browse as well as other features you think are important for a job seeker.

Don’t use the job content that is not yours 

Each job post in the job sites must be write by the official person.

who is authorize in this company for the purpose of making the hiring process to fill the required position.

Because the required criteria are different from company to company.

so it’s really important content including spam, scams, and other hide offers–will not be show to job seekers.

Job sites are the community that should be neat, clean, and honest including true visibility.

How to reach your destination?

How To Reach Your Destination? Is Your Worst Enemy. 7 Ways To Defeat It

Belief is one and the only tool in your life for getting success, Make friends as many as you can but never trust anyone blindly in your life. Decide your own way to achieve your destination, not by other’s consequence because you are the only one who knows you how capable you are, no one has any idea about it. Undertake to solve your own problems by you because there is no one to the backbone of you.

destination blog image

  • If you are enthusiastic to accomplish your dreams definitely you have to work tough. Whether people doubt you or about work then let them do so, as people ignore the same out of their capacity.
  • Wasting your time on then is the proof of your foolishness as the time is very limited. So start living for yourself and dedicate each and every second towards your goal.
  • In reality, time is the most precious thing in the world, if you lose it once, never get back to you. Stop listening to people, how good you do for them, or achieve something in life, people always prove it disappointing or they start being jealous of you. When you give more love and respect to people it feels likely a dupe to them.
  • Never put your step back influenced by others, it feels like a winner to those who want to defeat you. One thing keeps in mind.
  • if you fail in the ground, you can win but if you fail in mind, you can’t. Always put this assumption in you that you can do anything well.
  • If you are going through a bad time, don’t down your eyes because nothing is permanent in the world, just keep patience. Make yourself stronger than your bad situation so that you will gain victory.
  • Make sure, your self-confidence is like an ocean that never gets dry by the sun. Ego is the starting point of your destruction which never left to God,  you are the only men. So try to be honest and stay happy.


Have a nice day!